Collateral Materials & Curriculum Design

We create a variety of customized materials as a scaffold for each film campaign to start productive dialogue, inspire action, and foster learning around both the issues the film raises and the filmmaking process itself.  We emphasize key concepts of media literacy, empowering people to be critical thinkers and viewers, effective communicators, and advocates for film. Materials range in length depending on budget, audience, and specific client goals, and can include pre-viewing and post-viewing discussion topics, formal classroom lesson plans, student viewing guides, social action prompts, supplemental resources, bibliographies, training manuals, and guidelines for adult and community education.  Materials may include:

  • Curricular guides with lessons for classroom use (aligned with Common Core, C3, and subject-area standards)
  • Student viewing guides encouraging peer-to-peer dialogue
  • Consumer-facing resources and screening materials for use at festival and community screenings, in homes, at house parties, or with partnering organizations
  • Social impact materials that tie films to specific causes or movements
  • Publication in national educational magazines, blogs, websites, and journals

Visit our Resources page to see examples of some our materials.