Additional Services

All of our campaigns are tailor-made for each client, so offerings vary. Additional opportunities for engagement might include:

  • National Field Tests: We recruit a representative sample of educators from around the country to use a film and its accompanying materials in their classrooms, with their colleagues, or on their campuses and report back on their experience, resulting in a qualitative and quantitative report of their responses.
  • Contests & Activities: We invent creative ways to engage young people and encourage them to view, think, and talk about movies in thoughtful and actionable ways.
  • Conferences: We create a presence at national or regional professional conferences for educators, which could include a dedicated programmatic session, special screening, booth, and/or creation of materials for registration packets.
  • Publications: We write and pitch stories to relevant trade press—both print and online—about our projects, the use of film in the classroom and in social action campaigns, and the importance of media literacy.
  • Film Festivals: We work with film festivals to develop educational outreach programs in partnership with local school districts in order to broaden the reach of their festival programming and take advantage of opportunities to engage visiting filmmakers with young audiences.