GirlsinTheaterBig Picture Educational Consulting is a leader in the field of film education and media literacy. We leverage film as a powerful educational tool to enlighten audiences, spark engagement, inspire social change, and cultivate new generations of filmgoers and filmmakers.

We celebrate learning as a lifelong process and see educational opportunities everywhere—from K-12 schools and universities to continuing education forLincolnTShirts adults and professional development for teachers, doctors, lawyers, social workers, police officers, and more. We spur engagement on campuses, in theaters, at film festivals, at community events, and in family conversations around the dinner table. Our programs and campaigns provide substantive, meaningful access to audiences that traditional marketing, publicity, and distribution efforts rarely reach.

As former classroom teachers, non-profit administrators, and film programmers, our leadership shares over 40 years of experience to help our clients utilize their films to teach and edify complex issues inside and beyond the classroom in both savvy and substantive ways.

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“We’ve worked with Big Picture for several years. They have brought great films and resources to our conferences, providing classroom-ready materials that help our thousands of teachers build lessons around the films. They understand the education world, know the language teachers speak, and know what educators want and need.”
— David Bailor, National Council for the Social Studies